Friday, September 29, 2006

Not sayin' a word.

Friday, September 22, 2006


I've gone and done it. I've screwed my back up big time. Not sure *what* I did (though I'm guessing it's a strained/pulled muscle), but Lord, it hurts like hell. Two days now I've had Aly rub Icy Hot on it (lower back, near my waist, and up a little on the right side). I'm guessing I did it with all that damned cleaning, which isn't anywhere NEAR being done, mind you.

Hmm, not much else that isn't writing-related, so anything of that nature will go on one of the other journals. LOL (Mychael has a recent entry.)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning.

Yep, I've gone on a MAJOR cleaning spree. I've been cleaning NONSTOP all day. So anyone I've missed that I normally chit-chat with, I'm very sorry. I've only sat down periodically at the comp to do a few things, then got back up to clean some more.

Been going through the kids' clothes, tossing the outgrown stuff into bags for the Salvation Army. Lord, it's amazing how much they've outgrown. O.o

And damn, my back is achy as hell. Anyway, back to work. ;)


Morning, world. (Yeah, I've actually been up since 8am, but not entirely coherent. Still not quite there.)

*sighs* Well, my son's pink eye is gone...but now my daughter has it. *head.desk* Add to that the bitchy/sick roommate who takes great pleasure in being the world's biggest bitchy hippocrit, and you have the makings of a LOVELY day. *growls*

Not too much is going on at the moment. Been playing Heroes 3 (Heroes of Might and Magic 3) for a bit because I'm not awake for working yet. And I'm looking around this house, dreading the work to clean it. The roommate simply does NOT clean. *sighs* (Must be bloody nice to have someone else wash your baby's bottles and then be able to bitch when you run out of clean ones because no one's had the time to wash them in between taking care of kids and working.)

Eh, just ignore me. I'm bitching. And I'm quickly running out of steam here. Popped into the Torquere Press 3rd Anniversary chat last night, said I'd be back. I went to bed (intending to only take a nap) at 8:30pm, and didn't wake up until 8 this morning. O.o

Anyway, need to get cleaning (and some point).

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Yup, everyone has them. I'm certainly no exception.

When I say that I don't watch much television, I'm serious. However, the times I *do* watch it, it's for certain shows. My latest watch list is:

Project Runway (more on this one soon)
Most Haunted
How It's Made
In Living Color
Top Chef (eagerly awaiting this new season)

Now...about Project Runway...

Last night, I nearly fell out of my chair. Why? Because Kayne is gone. *cries and flails* That man made the entire show for me. He was the reason I became addicted. He's cute as hell, talents beyond measure, and a total sweetheart. When he was "auf-ed", I was floored.

Wanna know more about this cute little hottie? Here's his Myspace page: and his soon-to-be website:

Incidentally, here's the Project Runway Blog: (scroll down and you can see a great pic of Kayne and his partner Warren.)

*sighs* It's not gonna be the same without him.

New music

Okay, so I absolutely MUST spread this around...

Last night, Jourdan Lane and I were chatting. All of a sudden, she pops up a URL to a music page. The band is called Immune System. The song she wanted me to hear is "Weltanschauung."


I'm sooooo in love now.

Fuck me, but that's some HOT, AWESOME music!!!!!! MUST check it out!

Go here. Listen to "Weltanschauung." Buy the music. (I downloaded the single song from iTunes for my iPod. I'm so addicted.)

Inaugural Post

Howdy, folks! Yep, Kay Derwydd has (yet another) journal. Although I'll occasionally post about my work here, most of this is going to be of the everyday, personal stuff. Random babbles, rants, whatever. ;)

So, sit back and I'll get this puppy started. ;)